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Indie Author Spring Festival: A Review of Gloria by Katherine Shaw

Happy Friday, everyone! Today, we have another review for you, this time of gripping thriller Gloria by Katherine Shaw, which is on sale for 99p/c until the end of the month.

From the moment I picked Gloria up, I didn’t want to put it down. The author really took care to highlight how subtle manipulation and abuse can sometimes be at the beginning of this story, to a point where the main character doesn’t realise she’s a victim at first — one of the things I was most impressed with. On the surface, Gloria doesn’t have a terrible life, but it soon becomes clear she has lost her independence with a controlling, narcissistic partner, which already gives her a complexity that I’m sure a lot of people, particularly women, can relate to. The suspense quickly turns to thriller when Gloria discovers that her marriage is built on lies, and Greg’s secret felt like a really unique and intriguing one to me - it gave me Orphan Black vibes and kept me turning page after page as she uncovered her husband’s schemes and betrayals. I particularly loved the way the character grows stronger as the plot develops - she relies on a lot of people to help her through at the beginning, which is such an authentic way of representing signs of isolation relating to emotional abuse. The found family themes were a great addition to the plot, and I adored the side characters and their willingness to help. All in all, this is an intense story with all the makings of a great thriller, including plot twists, fast-paced storytelling, a strong protagonist who really comes into her own, and a nail-biting climax. From friendship to romance to suspense, there’s something in this story for everyone. It was great to see a northern lass come out fighting, and I’d recommend this to anyone looking to dive into something new and exciting!

And, if this amazing discount isn't enough, today is Katherine Blakeman's day in the Indie Author Spring Festival, and she's giving you the chance to win her sapphic romance, The Summer We've Had, in an Instagram giveaway. Don't miss it! The giveaway ends at 6pm BST on the 22nd of April.


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