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Indie Author Spring Festival: A Review of A Graceless and Flourishing Heart by Lauren Eve

We're well into the third week of the Indie Author Festival now, and today we're spotlighting Lauren Eve's gorgeous poetry collection entitled A Graceless and Flourishing Heart, which is currently on sale for £1.99! This debut collection focuses on the inelegant and unforgiving process of learning to grow into yourself. A process made harder in a modern world having a fragile heart can be a dangerous thing.

Eve’s 80 original works are divided into four sections, where like the seasons, she deals with blossoming from the darker times and all the graceless mistakes along the way. A collection for anyone who has felt heartbreak and has wrapped themselves up in tape just to try all over again, and for everyone who has chosen themselves even when it felt impossible.

The word “flourishing” is a perfect way of describing these poems. There is something beautifully elegant and hauntingly intimate about the collection, articulated with graceful clarity that’s not always easy to find in poetry — especially debuts. It unfolds as you read, beginning as a bud and blossoming into a story of travel, love, and self. If you prefer lighter poems that still do a great job of reflection, this one’s for you!


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