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Indie Author Spring Festival: A Review of Blushing Muse by Stella Donato

The Indie Author Spring Festival is nearing the end of its first week, and today we're celebrating Blushing Muse by Stella Donato. This wonderful poetry collection is free to download for the next five days, so grab a copy now.

Blushing Muse is a raw and romantic collection of poetry that explores sexual identity and intimacy. Filled with tenderness, understanding, and fiery passion, Stella Donato authentically conveys the slow transition of self-acceptance alongside the ever-present fear that comes with being openly queer, as well as the aftermath of coming out.

The theme throughout is self-discovery, the friction that comes with finding oneself, and the eventual refusal to settle for conditional love.

*** This book also includes art that connects with the poems ***

I was lucky enough to read an ARC back in February, and Stella Donato immersed me in a world of romance, passion, fear, and self-reflection with their beautiful words. Many of these poems convey the intensity of love versus the fear of being queer in a world that’s still filled with judgement and prejudice. I was taken aback by the sheer heart-warming, stomach-twisting, all-encompassing emotion in each line, each stanza, and Donato is a poet I continue to admire more with every new project.

What was most refreshing for me was the romantic and sometimes erotic themes. I’m used to Sad Girl Poetry, but in these pages, I was given a chance to feel something new, something my own life often lacks. In the same breath, I was glad that the difficulties of coming out were not glossed over. That, along with a journey of self-love and acceptance, made for a deeply moving read.

Donato offers new perspectives and approaches to the poetry genre, and I can’t wait to see what they do next. Be sure to check out their debut collection, Bittersweetness, too.


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