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What is Swords, Sapphics & Scribbles?

Month-long writing events designed to support writers as they chase their individual goals. We offer daily prompts to boast about your work-in-progress and share it with others. At the end of the month – whether you've only written a few times or for the entire month – you can pick badges to put up on your writing sash. Our aim is to foster a community where authors feel safe and supported, without any pressure to follow and/or complete a set goal. After all, writing doesn’t have to be as solitary as it often is!

How do I participate?

On or before the first of the event month, set yourself a writing goal you’d like to try to achieve over the next thirty or so days. This can be anything from writing one chapter to editing a pre-existing manuscript to reaching for the stars with 50,000 words. 

Your schedule is up to you! If you find it easier to plan a certain time each day to write, great. If not, no pressure. Write when you can! There will be lots of writing sprints happening in our Discord channel, wherein we set time intervals and try to get in as many words as possible. Some see this as simply finding company to write with, while others enjoy the challenge of trying to write the most!

Use our prompts to help you on your way! Use the #CampPride tags on social media to post about your WIP and be sure to tag us. You can use as many or as little as you like. The goal is to keep your WIP fresh in your mind and hopefully ask questions you may not have considered before. 

Use our graphic templates to celebrate your accomplishments! We love to check in weekly to see your progress and help you keep accountability should you need it. Keep track of your word count and watch your WIP flourish through the month.

Where is it happening?

Everywhere! Whether you want to check in with us every so often on Instagram or Twitter, or join our discord server for more frequent support with lots of friends, Scribbles is for everyone, everywhere. Just check this link in our bio to find all of our socials and make sure to use the current hashtag – #CampPride!



We're camping! Join us for an entire month of writing prompts, celebrating even the littlest of achievements and offering lots of support during the writing of your stories. Our spring camp is ongoing until the end of April but you can set up camp here any time! Follow our Instagram or Twitter to keep up with the daily prompts and hop on our Discord to brag about your WIP.



Coming in October.

Coming in January.

What can you gain from Scribbles?

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