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Indie Author Spring Festival

April is upon us and we can't wait for warmer weather — but there's something even more exciting around the corner: the Indie Author Spring Festival hosted by Hayley Anderton. This month will be packed with discounts, freebies, and giveaways from some fantastic indie authors, from our personal favourite poets such as Stella Donato to sapphic romance authors like S J Hart, and epic fantasies from the likes of G. L. Preston. So, if you're looking to expand your TBR list while celebrating independent creators, this is the place for you. Every day for thirty days, you'll find a new deal for a new book. Let's take a look at the lineup!

  • Kicking off the event, we have Aimee Vance's paranormal romance, Smoke Show, discounted at 99p/99c for two days.

  • On the 2nd, Nenny May's YA thriller, The Return, will be free for five days!

  • Elisha Reids' dystopian romance, City of Birds, will have a 50% paperback discount on the 3rd.

  • The 4th features Hayley Anderton and Laura Swift's Apocalypse series, with the first book free and the rest of the series only 99p each. This comes Rachel-recommended for any YA horror fans out there!

  • Marvellous Michael Anson's His Dark Reflection is a suspense thriller discounted to 99p for five days on the 5th.

  • Another Rachel-recommended one, Stella Donato's poetry collection, Blushing Muse, will be free for five days from the 6th.

  • The 7th sees Samuel M. Hallam's horror, Haunted Souls, free for one day only!

  • We'll start the second week with Sophie Tate's The Way Back, a mystery that will be free from the 8th to the 12th.

  • Bryony Rosehurst's While the Rest of the World Dances will be free from the 9th — a poetry collection written by Rachel's alter-ego.

  • On the 10th, you can grab poetry book Coffee & Wildflowers by Abi Hayes for 99p/99c.

  • R.P. Dunwater's dark fantasy, The Blight of Blackridge, will be 99c from the 11th to the 13th.

  • A five-day 99p/99c sale will be held for Lauren Jade Case's futuristic sci-fi, Bearer of Masks, on the 12th.

  • On the 13th, Annalee Adams' The Heart of the Phoenix will be free.

  • Another amazing story by Hayley Anderton will be featured on the 14th: Homebound is a YA contemporary discounted to 99p/99c for five days.

  • On the 15th, Jessica Huntley's thriller, Jinx, will be £1.99/$2.99 until the 17th.

  • Free horror alert! Run from the Dead by Joanne Nundy will be featured on the 16th.

  • S J Hart's sapphic romance, Oh My Stars, is set to be discounted at 99p on the 17th.

  • The 18th will feature Chiara Gala's The Goddess and the Hawk.

  • Katherine Shaw is celebrating her birthday on the 19th with a 99p/99c discount on her thriller, Gloria.

  • Fancy some more poetry? Lauren Eve's A Graceless and Flourishing Heart comes Rachel-recommended and will be only £1.99 from the 20th.

  • Laura Carter will be announcing cover reveals and ARC sign-ups for their fantasy, Secrets of the Dead, on the 21st!

  • Songs of the Wicked by C.A. Farran will be featured on the 22nd, with this fantasy discounted at 99p/99c.

  • Paranormal fan? Victoria Wren's YA boxset collection, Wild Spirit Awakening, will be only £1.25 from the 23rd.

  • Dive into Realm of Hope by E.L. Li on the 24th with this 99c sale.

  • The sapphics' very own Rachel Bowdler will be featured on the 25th with her sapphic contemporary romance, Holding on to Bluebell Lodge, discounted to 99p.

If this isn't enough content for you, be sure to follow Hayley Anderton for updates, interviews and more, and stay tuned here for guest articles, interviews, and podcasts throughout the month. We want to shout about these wonderful indies as far and as wide as possible, so please do make the most of these wonderful deals and support the authors involved!


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