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Season 2 Episode 5: Shadow & Sadness

We are back after quite the hiatus! Ivy kicks the episode off with her new segment in which she introduces a woman forgotten in history, then as usual, we catch up on what we're currently consuming. Rach tells us all about the Indie Author Spring Festival about which you can find more details in our article before we dive into Netflix's new season of Shadow and Bone! We discuss the made disservice to the characters and how rushing storylines is never really a good idea.

Last but not least, Ivy spills some Selena Gomez x Hailey Bieber tea and takes over Rach's attempts at promoting her new book Summer at the Scottish Castle which is out now!


Shutgun Wedding

My Perfect Addiction


Ted Lasso

The Walking Dead

Rizzoli and Isles


Shadow and Bone


Summer at the Scottish Castle by Rachel Bowdler

Ninth House & Hell Bent by Leigh Bardugo

Grishaverse books by Leigh Bardugo

Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree

Bergman brothers series by Chloe Liese

Somebody Else’s Horror Story by Rebecca Crunden

His Dark Reflection by Marvellous Michael Anson

Games: Fortnite


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