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Badges for #CampPride

Here you can download your #CampPride sash with all the badges after completing specific challenges. This little camp-long game works on an honour system but you have our trust and we are certain none of you will cheat.

Badge challenges

Early Bird

You're here from day one.

Been up owl-y late

You worked on your WIP long past the curfew when you were supposed to be in bed. Tsk tsk tsk.

Self-care Monarch

You took well needed breaks, got deserved snacks and STAYED HYDRATED!


You came prepared! You had your outline ready before you started hitting that keyboard.


You sat down and got to it. Incredible.

Trying out the pen

You wrote 5k words. Amazing! Whether you're only getting started, or that's all you've done, you did a wonderful job and we're proud!

On a Roll

You wrote 10k words.

True Scribbler

You wrote 25k words.

Top Achiever

You wrote 50k words.

Daily Streak

You wrote every. Single. day.

Daily Prompter

You didn't miss a day and posted all 31 prompts. Wowee!


You sprinted with us on Discord… or other people somewhere else, I guess. Not taking it personally or anything.

Survived the Camp

You visited our camp at least once – and survived! Congratulations. 

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