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Romance Books to Read This Pride Month

We've been compiling a masterlist of queer book recommendations from both indie and traditionally published authors to celebrate Pride Month. Today, we bring you lots of contemporary romance books with vast representation in the hopes you'll find some new reads to diversify your shelves!


Sapphic Romance

Contemporary romances between queer women and/or nonbinary people.


  • Does Love Always Win? by Diane Billas | lesbian & pan MCs


  • Shay's Gamble by Amber Perez | lesbian & bisexual MCs, questioning

  • Broken by Ami Spencer | sapphic MCs | nonbinary author | mental health rep

  • When It's True by Barbara Lynn Murphy | lesbian characters

  • First Comes Marriage by Bryony Rosehurst | lesbian & plus size pansexual MCs

  • Unexpected You by Chelsea M. Cameron | lesbian & bi MCs | ADHD rep; chronic migraines

  • A Little Kissing Between Friends by Chencia C. Higgins | stud lesbian & bi MCs | Black plus size characters

  • Caretaking Love by Chloe Keto | butch MC

  • Not in the Plan by Dana Hawkins | lesbian/sapphic MCs

  • Outdrawn by Deanna Grey | bisexual & lesbian MCs | Black characters; carpal tunnel; depression/burnout rep

  • Not Just Gal Pals by Elizabeth Luly | bisexual & butch lesbian MCs

  • The Honeymoon Mix-Up by Frankie Fyre

  • Always There For You by Halli Starling | sapphic MCs | chronic illness & mental health rep

  • Love, Lorena by Ivy L. James | bi FMCs; pan side character

  • Ride With Me by Jenna Jarvis | bi4bi

  • Returning Home to Her by Jutta Swietlinski | lesbian and bi MCs | sapphic awakening; polyam; walking disability

  • The Summer We've Had by Katherine Blakeman

  • Can't Resist Her by Kianna Alexander | lesbian MCs | Black and Black-Japanese MCs

  • The Santa Pageant by Lillian Barry | lesbian & nonbinary MCs | PCOS & CPTSD rep

  • The Flight Risk by Macon Leigh | lesbian

  • Mending Bones by Merlina Garance | lesbian MCs | Black MC, characters over forty, anxiety rep

  • Honeymoon for One by Rachel Bowdler | lesbian & pansexual MCs

  • Dulhaniyaa by Talia Bhatt | lesbian romance, trans LI | Desi rep, set in India

  • I Found Love Where I Wasn't Supposed To by Theo Alvarez | lesbian & nonbinary MCs | Black and Latina characters

Achillean Romance

Contemporary romances between queer men and/or nonbinary people.


  • Not Quite Out by Louise Willingham | bi MC | PTSD, drug addiction, abusive relationships, and self-harm rep


  • The 5-Day Plan by Ashish Rastogi | gay MCs | South Asian Indian MC & dysgraphia rep

  • Ask Me For Fire by Halli Starling | gay MCs | mental health, abuse, & PTSD rep

  • Fall by Maxime Jaz | gay MC, "straight" to gay MC | trauma & anxiety rep; Romani MC; riches to rags

  • Tonight and Every Night by Mere Rain | neurodiversity rep

  • Just Stu by Merlina Garance | pansexual (not labelled on page) MC and LI, lesbian side characters, nonbinary side character, & genderqueer MC | chronic pain (scoliosis) rep; characters over forty

  • Cielo by Jane Markland | gay MCs | addiction & prison rep

Queer Romance

This covers other queer identities, such as contemporary romances between bisexual/pansexual/trans characters and polyamorous relationships.


  • Let's Talk About Love by Claire Kann | biromantic, asexual MC | Black MC, Japanese LI

  • Out of the Blue by Jason June | nonbinary merperson x boy

  • Love Letters for Joy by Melissa See | panromantic ace mc & pan mc; LGBTQ+ side characters | disability rep

  • The Borrow a Boyfriend Club by Page Powars | trans MC

  • In The Ring by Sierra Isley | bi MC


  • Show Girl by Alyson Greaves | trans FMC | mixed race LI

  • The Book Hoarder, the Flower Grower, and the Latte Art Maker by Anna Denisch | gay, asexual, polyamorous characters | loss of family/loved ones

  • Wild Pitch by Cat Giraldo | bi4bi | Filipino MMC & Latina FMC

  • Two Wrongs Make a Right by Chloe Liese | bi MC | anxiety & autism rep

  • Finding My Name by Estelle Grant | trans FMC | grief rep

  • My Personal Trainer Cracked My Egg by Fern V. Bedek | trans MMC & butch LI

  • Border Ctrl+Esc by Ivy L. James | bi MMC & demi FMC; queer ensemble cast | anxiety rep

  • Once in a Lifetime by Luana Ferraz | bi MC, gay LI | mental health and trauma rep

  • The (Anti) Wedding Party by Lucy Knott | bi MC, lesbian wedding

  • For the Love of April French by Penny Aimes | pan, trans FMC; Black MMC | BDSM rep

  • Summer at the Scottish Castle by Rachel Bowdler | pansexual plus size FMC, bisexual plus size MMC, & nonbinary & lesbian side characters

  • Double Exposure by Rien Gray | non-binary, queer, bisexual characters

  • The Oath by T.M. Richardson | bi, poly characters, why choose | Black characters, terminal illness & mental health rep

  • A Shot In the Dark by Victoria Lee | pan FMC, straight trans MMC | sober MC; religious (Jewish Orthodox) trauma


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