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LGBTQ+ January Releases

Happy New Year! Do you think you got enough books for Christmas? Wrong! Is your New Year's resolution to buy fewer books? It shouldn't be — that's illegal. With the new year comes new releases, and we've got a few recommendations!

Where Our Closure Begins by Alex M. Nájera is out 3rd January. I (Rachel) was lucky enough to edit this glorious women's fiction novel and the story has stuck with me since. Featuring a bisexual main character in a sapphic engagement, this book is a must-read for fans of Sally Rooney. You can find my review here.

Dr. Emma Lamb disappeared after almost dying in her 3rd year at medical school.

Ten years later, in her thirties, she likes to pretend that the circumstances that almost caused her to perish never happened. Living a calm life in London with her father and fiancée is all she ever wanted, and even sometimes the desire to move abroad with her small family, to put more distance between her and the memories, fills her.

But, when she comes across with the only person who still has questions about her disappearance, a Pandora box of memories, questions and grudges opens. Dr. Theodore Eullie, Emma's ex-situationship, offers her an unhinged deal in which each will have what they want: Theo, her help and services as a therapist. Emma, the answers to the decade-long questions that kept her up many nights.

But that would only mean having Theodore back into her life, threatening everything she cares for: her job, her family, and her fiancée. Emma now, who also has to deal with the intention of her siblings to reconnect as their father's health deteriorates, must decide if letting her skeletons walk out the closet is worth it, risking her perfect life. Would it be worth it to dig up the past without knowing how much dirt it would leave on her feet?

Emma knows that closure is a dangerous thing to crave. It just never occurred to her she's been starving for a decade.

CONTENT WARNING: Remembrance of toxic relationship, partial amnesia, mentions of eating disorders, SH and taking one's life.

On January 14th, you can expect a lesfic novel called What To Do Outside of Tremont, the third instalment in Sabrina Kane's Cornish Lesbian series.

25-year-old Tina Samaras is a young artist who has a dream job at one of the region’s premier fine art destinations, the Linden Gallery Cornwall.

She is also a young woman who has made a very big decision about how she will focus her energies going forward with regards to her love life…

32-year-old freelance journalist Katelynn Jefferson came to Cornwall, England from America to get married.

The marriage lasted about five minutes, but two years later, she’s still in Cornwall, renting a cottage in the Lesbian Central of the region, the village of Tremont...

When Katelynn arrives at her friend Robyn’s birthday party, she immediately spies a young woman who absolutely takes her breath away.

But there is no way such a youngster would consider dating a woman in her thirties! Right?

Meanwhile, Tina finds herself completely smitten with the American whom she now doesn’t want to let anyone else near during the entire party.

But there is no way a woman in her thirties would be interested in someone as young as herself! Right?

Thank goodness Robyn is around to play the role of the meddling friend…and soon Katelynn will discover that outside of Tremont, there is plenty for a gay woman to do…

What to Do Outside Tremont is the third instalment in Sabrina Kane’s popular Cornwall Lesbians series.

As usual, it follows the recipe for what makes a Sabrina Kane novel a must-read for so many fans: low angst, razor-sharp wit, relatable characters, and plenty of steam.

What’s more…this novel contains a bonus epilogue unlike any other you’ve ever read in lesbian fiction, and which will serve as the launching point for a brand-new series of sapphic romances…

Also on January 14th, we've got yet another lesfic novel: The Summer We've Had by Katherine Blakeman! It features a MC with depression and a MC with Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Katherine Blakeman's unmissable first foray into lesbian fiction...

After a nightmare couple of years following the death of her celebrity singer mother, Cass Mulligan is moving down to the sun, sea and shingle of Cornwall for a fresh start. But she soon realises that she’s not the only one in need of some TLC…

Felicia Wilson’s life is one long series of spinning plates. She has Dissociative Identity Disorder, a system of five alternate personalities living in her body, and they all have different hopes, fears and desires.

When Cass is thrown together with Felicia, some beautiful friendships grow, and soon there is substantial mutual attraction between Cass and dominant alter Heather. But if things go wrong, they could go very wrong. Can they build a relationship AND keep everybody happy? Content warning: brief mentions of domestic abuse, sexual abuse and suicide.

Barbara Murphy is publishing her debut novel Two Lives, One Heart, a WLW romance book set in the 1920s, on January 24th.

When techie Josie Molina is volunteered by her boss to visit an elementary school to discuss careers in Technology, she reluctantly agrees. Her reluctance vanishes when she meets and befriends teacher Trish McCann. Josie, an unapologetic lesbian, tries to ignore her attraction to Trish because getting involved with a straight woman is always a bad idea. For her part, Trish realizes that what she thought she knew about her sexuality is all wrong, and she allows herself to give in to her attraction to Josie. Once Trish is sure of her feelings, she knows she must break the news to her mother, Marilyn. In doing so, she learns of a long-buried family secret involving her grandmother Anna and her decades-long affair with her best friend Mary.

Anna O’Brien is a typical 1920s housewife with a husband and two small children. When she meets her new neighbor Mary Monahan, her world is turned upside down when they fall deeply in love. In a time when such a relationship was considered both taboo and immoral, Anna struggles to keep her family intact as she navigates her overpowering feelings for Mary.

This story traverses both past and present to depict the lives of Anna and Trish as they discover their true, authentic selves.

And last but not least, Eule Grey's sapphic friends-to-lovers novella Miss Havisham Says Yes coming out on January 28th.

Kind-hearted redhead Cindi has a lot on her mind: Gran, college exams, bills, and what to wear at the Valentine’s Day student ball. She needs a Cinderella dress, glittery shoes, and a girlfriend to cuddle up with. What a pity fairy tales are only for kids. Aren’t they? All is not lost. It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and the sweetest magic is in the air ... Cindi takes a tumble while mopping the floor and bangs her head. She opens her dizzy eyes to the gift of one magical wish. What will it be?

Tara, the climber. Childhood friend and daughter of Cindi’s employers. Wealthy, lithe, sexy, and thoughtful. Tara’s wish? To climb Mount Everest and to spend time with gorgeous Cindi. She’d love to take her best friend on a date to the college ball -- and then go all the way from blushing student to confident girlfriend, from shy Cinderella to dancing queen. Pumpkin to ... moped.

When two wishes collide, a spark is ignited, powerful enough to tickle anyone’s peak. When everything is laid bare, only one sparkling question remains: Will Miss Havisham say yes?


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