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LGBTQ+ December Releases

December is here with holidays and new releases to read on your time off! We picked a few books we're the most excited about!

For December 1st 9 Sapphic authors teamed up and are releasing Sapphic novellas Tis the Season Holiday Collection. Tropey romances from sweet to spicy. You can find more information here:

On December 2nd, we have the one that we're most anticipating for the year (but we’re a bit biased!). When the Rest of the World Dances by our Bryony Rosehurst is an incredibly touching and beautiful collection of poetry.

while the rest of the world dances is a collection of poems surrounding personal experiences of mental and chronic illness, relationships, coming of age, inequality, and other life experiences, both good and bad, with the parts separated into seasons.

her roots were planted in cold, black mud,

not enough water,

not enough love,

not enough sunlight,

so she forgot to grow.

don’t put her leaves in your mouth:

this soil has always been poison,

and now she is, too.

December 6th brings two cooks in swoony romantic comedy A Dash of Salt and Pepper by Kosoko Jackson.

Xavier Reynolds is doing less than stellar. He just got dumped, was passed over for a prestigious fellowship, and to top it all off he's right back home in Harper's Cove, Maine (population: 9,000). The last thing he wants to do is to work as a prep chef in the kitchen of the hip new restaurant in town, The Wharf. Especially since the hot, single-father chef who owns it can't delegate to save his life.

Logan O'Hare doesn't understand Xavier or why every word out of his mouth is dipped in sarcasm. Unfortunately, he has no choice but to hire him--he needs more help in the kitchen and his tween daughter, Anne, can only mince so many onions. It might be a recipe for disaster, but Logan doesn't have many options besides Xavier.

Stuck between a stove and a hot place, Logan and Xavier discover an unexpected connection. But when the heat between them threatens to top the Scoville scale, they'll have to decide if they can make their relationship work or if life has seasoned them too differently.

I Saw Mommy Kissing the Nanny by Shannon O'Connor is brings sapphic holiday romance on December 8th.

Morgan loves three things; Books, women, and being single. But when Grad school costs more than her rent, she needs to come up with a way to make some money and fast. After a one night stand with a beautiful woman, she wakes the next morning in a hurry to make it to her interview as a live in nanny.

Despite acing the interview, she has to pass one final test; meeting the mother—who just so happens to be her one night stand. They both decide to call it a one night thing and move forward, with Morgan becoming her son's nanny.

As a divorced, single mom Lucy can get all the help she needs. But as the mistletoe is hung and the stockings are filled, are sparks flying too? As Lucy begins to fall for her son's nanny, she shows her love in a series of her favorite books. Counting down the 24 days of Christmas with Morgan, by trying to tell her how she feels, worried she doesn't feel the same.

Morgan devours each book, desperate to know if Lucy is sending her a sign. But as Christmas approaches, will each woman get what they want? Or will they be stuck out in the cold as the days of Morgan's nannying contract are up?

When He Beckons by Halli Starling brings high heat MLM romance on December 28th.

A charming - but slightly strange - accidental first meeting at a skate park. Opposites attract. And works for the other one.

Zan has a fast mouth and a lot of technical know-how, so dating hasn't always been easy. He'd set aside any notion of a romantic life to work and spend as much time outdoors as possible. Biking, canoeing, skiing, you name it. He's never tried skateboarding, even though he stops by the skate park near the trail where he bikes to watch boards - and sometimes people - flip, or crash hard.

Instead of skater-watching, Zan meets Deacon. Deacon's odd and interesting, and it turns out, the head of the small indie press of which Zan is a huge fan. Rochester Press puts out the weird and erotic, the dark and mischievous, and finally meeting the head of the press is great. Maybe not so great - Deacon has just hired the printing company Zan works for, and now Zan's in charge of all the new jobs.

It'll be fine.

Except Zan (and his big mouth) immediately asks Deacon out on a date. And Deacon accepts. There's no fraternization clause in Zan's contract, or Deacon's. It should be fine.

A high-heat, quirky novella about two people who would never seek out a date via online platforms or at speed dating. But their weird seems to compliment each other.

And last but not least is Woe in Total Darkness by Sem Thornwood is rivals to lovers with forbidden love and secret relationship that is coming out on December 30th.

The Isle of Ae has been under the Darkness Curse for years: an unnatural phenomenon appearing instantaneously and bringing unearthly monsters within.

Princess of the Sun Khanate, General Lenora Mitharaus, is the only one who is willing to use her light powers to fight off this ruination. She has dedicated her life to protecting her lands and her people.

All the while in the safe lands of the Moon Kingdom, Princess Zuraya Haliyes doesn’t even waste a thought over the curse. She spends her days planning the wedding to her very handsome fiancé and her nights escaping from nightmares. Zuraya doesn’t dare question her perfect life.

That is until a certain General comes into her Kingdom.

As their lives turn upside down both of the princesses realize how much they need each other. However, they don’t know how treacherous this relationship can get if they are not cautious enough.

For more recommendations take a look at the comments in this tweet.


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