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Introducing the Twelve Days of Queermas!

It's the most wonderful time of the year for many: twinkly lights, gifts, snow, and celebrations are just some of the things we love most about the festive season. But if you watch enough Hallmark movies and read enough commercial fiction, you'll find that many identities are left out of the cosy and romantic happily-ever-afters we're fed around this time each year.

So, we've decided to make the Yuletide gayer than ever this year with Twelve Days of Queermas, an event that will run from the 10th – the 21st of December. Each day, we'll bring new, fun and exciting content from authors of queer festive fiction, including thoughtful articles, interesting interviews, and extra special episodes featuring lovely guests. You'll spot some familiar names, familiar books, and familiar sentiments as we chat about all things festive and LGBT+ while spotlighting some wonderful reads to get you in the holiday spirit.

So, stabby sapphics, it's time to hang your stockings, cuddle up under a fleecy blanket, and brew yourself an extra large batch of hot chocolate, because, for twelve days this December, we've got you covered. Be sure to check the website each day at midday GMT for a new surprise, and if you want to be the first to discover what lies behind each of the twelve squares, give us a follow on Twitter and Instagram.

And please do support the participating authors — even if you're only able to share links or repost, it makes all the difference and they truly deserve all the love. We feature both indie and traditionally published authors whose books have brightened the darkest season, thawed our icy winters, and decked the halls with rainbows, and we can't wait for their big reveals.

From both of us at Swords and Sapphics, we're wishing you a season full of unbridled joy and peaceful rest. And if you happen to pick up a festive book or two to enjoy along the way... well, here, you'll find plenty to choose from.


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