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Episode 9.5: Let's be real – The Ongoing Fight for Freedom in Iran

This week we return with another Let’s Be Real episode, where we discuss the protests and restrictions of bodily autonomy following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who was arrested by “morality police” in Tehran after being accused of violating laws that require women to cover their hair with a hijab and their bodies with loose clothing. We also examine the weaponisation of religion and the worldwide restriction of women’s bodily autonomy.

Our hearts are with those currently fighting for the freedom to choose and the victims and families affected by this violence against bodily autonomy. It’s important to note that the Iranian government has closed off internet access for its citizens in light of these horrific events, so please spread the word and raise awareness for those who are unable to speak out, and be sure to look at the resources below for more ways to help.

The death toll of these protests has risen to at least 76, with many more arrested and injured. Since recording this episode, Iran has also launched an attack on the people of Kurdistan. Please continue to pay attention and support the victims of a brutal dictatorship.

As always, these are our own opinions and our only intention is to spread awareness and stand with those affected.

For more information follow Nazanin Boniadi on Twitter where she also shared a video with how you can help.


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