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Episode 1.5: Let's Be Real – No Uterus, No Opinion

We introduce our new feature, "Let's Be Real," a sporadic spin-off where we discuss the impact of current events. This week, we address the overturning of Roe v Wade in the US Supreme Court and the consequences this has on people seeking abortions. Because we mention a few things from the media, we’ve put them all in one place for you to find easier!

TikTok sound:

“What Would You Do” by creator Bitch featuring song “Paris” by The Chainsmokers


Sex Education – A British Netflix show surrounding teens and the discovery of sexuality, including the representation of a character who gets a safe, legal abortion

Workin’ Moms – A Canadian sitcom from Netflix surrounding motherhood, including the subject of abortion later in life

Conversations With Friends — An Irish BBC show adapted from the book of the same name by Sally Rooney, which includes sapphic characters and an endometriosis diagnosis

Trying – A British sitcom surrounding the adoption process on Apple TV

The Handmaid's Tale – A dystopian TV series adapted from the books by Margaret Atwood


Dirty Dancing – A classic 80s movie about first love, including the exploration of unsafe illegal abortions


Transcript Episode 1.5_ No Uterus, No Opinion
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