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Episode 1: Two Women's Wrongs Make a Right

In our very first episode of Swords & Sapphics, we discuss all things pop culture, including plus-size characters, queerness, and things we’re loving this week. Because we mention plenty of books, movies, and more as we discuss representation in a diverse range of popular media, we’ve put them all in one place for you!


Let's Go Home Together by Ella Henderson and Tom Grennan

Matilda by Harry Styles


First Kill – a brand new vampire lesbian fantasy show on Netflix based on the novella of the same name

Heartstopper – a new queer teen show on Netflix based on the books of the same name

Schitt's Creek – a beloved, popular sitcom featuring queer characters and relationships

Killing Eve – a queer drama/thriller BBC series focused on assassins and MI5

Sex Education – a British Netflix show set in high school, featuring queer relationships

Riverdale – a teen Netflix show of hybrid genres including horror, fantasy, and crime based on the Archie Comics

Stranger Things – a Netflix horror/thriller show set in the 80s


Wonder Woman (2017) – a female superhero movie by DC Comics


First Kill by Victoria Schwab

Spoiler Alert and All the Feels by Olivia Dade – an adult romance series featuring plus-size protagonists, set in the world of Hollywood

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo – a YA high fantasy set in the Grishaverse, a spin-off from Shadow and Bone


Fortnite – an online, free-to-play video game featuring Battle Royale’s and popular fictional characters

Have an idea of what you’d like us to talk about next? Let us know! Be sure to follow us on social media for updates, teasers, bloopers, and more!

– Rach & Ivy


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